Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination


News: IJMB Result is Out!!!

This is to inform students who took part in the Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination (IJMBE) programme in the 2017/2018 academic session and earlier sessions, that the result is out and collection of results have commence.
The results of students who partook in the IJMB programme is officially out, and students can go on to collect their IJMB result at their different designated centers across the country.
For Winners Advance Success Academy (WASA) IJMB students, you are to pay a sum of #11,000 only to the Winners Advance Success Academy bank account in order to collect your IJMB result. The bank details are as follows:
Bank Name: Union Bank
Account Name: Winners Advance Success Academy
Account Number: 0061768788
IJMB Result Fee: #11,000 Naira, only.


Note for WASA Students: 

  • Students are to ensure they come with their bank teller and/or evidence of payment to the center when coming to pick up their result.
  • For student who are unable to come down to the center (Winners Advance Success Academy), their have the option of making their payment for the result (#11,000 Naira) into the school account.
Bank Name: Union Bank
Account Name: Winners Advance Success Academy
Account Number: 0061768788
IJMB Result Fee: #11,000 Naira, only.


  • After payment, such student can visit the site:  to confirm their payment.
  • Such student who cannot come down to their center should ensure they fill in their bank payment details correctly, such as:
  1. Full name of depositor;
  2. Account number deposited;
  3. Amount paid;
  4. Purpose of payment;
  5. Payment method used;
  6. Teller/transaction number; etc.
Note: Students should note that the collection of result can take up to three days after payment is made. Therefore, students are to bear this in mind in order to avoid impromptus.


Disclaimer: Some fraudulent elements have found ways of defrauding unsuspecting potential IJMB candidates of their hard earned money. This is how they go about it, they lure students to register on their website, after which they ask such students to make payments to them and thus part away with the candidate’s money. Afterwards, they then will redirect their victim to our website during the registration process. As a result of this, such students will have to pay another registration fee of #5,000 Naira for the IJMB programme. Therefore, We will like to plead with and/or advise all intending IJMB students not to register with any other site order than  All intending candidates should therefore note that we won’t take any responsibility of you being defrauded and/or not registered. CANDIDATES SHOULD BE WARNED. Payment should only be payed to the account detail stated on this site and not to any individual and/or organization. 

Thank you

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